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Earth Energies Kawa Balm draws from the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to bring about a soothing and calming effect on physical discomfort.

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What gives Kawa Balm its unique properties?

The comforting properties of Kawa Balm come from the blend of wintergreen, rosemary, camphor, peppermint and clove essential oils added to kawakawa-infused organic grapeseed oil and natural bees wax. This combination creates a warming, deeply penetrating balm that assists with improving blood flow to affected areas, muscle relaxation, helps with swelling and has a mild anaesthetic action.



Kawakawa Balm Deep Ease nerve and muscle relax product. Placed on a wooden board with oil extracts around the product


Best uses for Kawa Balm

- Aching joints and muscles
- Swelling
- Neuralgic (nerve) discomfort
- To stimulate blood supply
- To ease stiffness, backaches
- Rheumatic and muscular spasm
- Mild anaesthetic
- Chest rub for congestion






How often can I use Kawa Balm?

Kawa Balm can be applied as needed up to three times daily, however it is best used before you jump into a warm bed before sleep.

The following foods are anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and rich in enzymes to assist with discomfort. Try adding them to your daily regime juicing them for a daily drink.

Fresh pineapple, raw pumpkin, carrots, fresh turmeric, oranges, ginger root, cinnamon – stir through the already prepared juice.


Organic kawakawa, grapeseed oil, natural bees wax, wintergreen, rosemary, camphor, peppermint and clove, frequency medicines and vibrational essences

2 reviews for Kawa Balm : Deep Ease

  1. Marie Warren

    This product is amazing, would Highly recommend it.

  2. Gillian

    Great stuff! Heaps of uses and it doesn’t leave scarring. Would definitely recommend.

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