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Here are some of our many testimonials that our customers have shared with us.

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Kawa Gel



My Granddaughter in Australia has had Eczema since birth. Her parents tried many conventional and pharmacy products.

We have found Kawa Gel to be the only product that has worked on her Eczema in the last two years. We are truly delighted and happy with the results. A highly recommended natural product!  Thank you.

John Taylor – Papakura NZ

I brought Kawa Gel to help with my itchy skin & some developing Eczema. I have been really delighted with how quickly the itchiness went.

Robin – Rotorua

I used the kawa gel for my daughter who has eczema all over her body. Since using the Kawa Gel her skin has improved so much. I recommend this ointment to anyone with skin irritations to help maintain a normal balance, and keep itchiness under control. Awesome product.

J. Taare, Rotorua

Hello, I have  used your Kawa Gel on my fingers for Eczema when it has been a problem and within three weeks it has gone away. I have tried several other products and found this is the only one that works for me. Thank you.


Hi, I just wanted to say thank you for Kawa Gel and how wonderful it has been for my 22 month-old son.  My son has always had eczema and rash under his chin and on his neck from the time he started teething at 3 months old, I tried many different ointments and medicines but nothing seemed to work then you recommended Kawa Gel and within 24 hours we could notice a significant difference he immediately stopped itching and the redness went away. It has been 3 months now and I am happy to say that his eczema has cleared up fabulously. I also love the fact that it is all-natural! So once again thank you so much for your wonderful Kawa Gel.

Candice Odey B.O.P.

Mosquitto and Sand fly Bites


Kawa Gel has been brilliant for an allergy to insect bites. It has made an alternative to anti-histamine. 

Jena Ford

Marvellous for bites and rashes.

Christine Says – Botany, Auckland

I observed a pre school girl with insect bites all over her legs, after using Kawa Gel regularly for several days they were almost gone. Thank you.

Karen Donaldson

Absolute Magic, great for itches, scratches and all sorts. Great product.

Joan Sutherlandm, 2010

I was introduced to the kawa gel to alleviate itches and inflammation that occur from insect bites. What an amazing versatile little pottle of gold!  It does everything I thought it would plus more. With the success I had with the kawa gel I also tried the kawa cream to help add moisture to my dry and damaged skin.  Since using this over Winter, my hands and face feel so hydrated. I love how  feels on my skin.  The cream adds moisture without leaving an oily residue.  Both products are not only great  but are void of any nasty petrochemicals.  These are perfect!

D McGrath , Mauku

Spider Bites


My daughter was bitten by a white tail spider & developed an ulceration. She treated it with medicated ointments, yet it got worse with her skin looking like blisters & burns, which spread. She brought some Kawa Gel & used this on its own.

Within a few days the blisters had gone & the pain was greatly reduced & the ulcer almost gone. Within a week it was completely healed with no evidence of the spider bite.

Thank you, Lisca

Swear by the Kawa Gel. I have used it on insect and spider bites. It’s Really good!

Ruth Pretty

Itching and post skin cancer


I brought Kawa gel for my 87yr old Mother for itching on the eye lids. She also has skin cancer scars on her face, and has found that the Kawa Gel has caused them to heal & soften & the hard lumps to disappear. She has never had a cream that has worked so well on her eye lids and is very enthusiastic about the product!

Julie Thomas -Auckland



Great for chaffing after surgery & itchy rashes, I was going crazy- Kawa Gel really works!

Naomi Sweeny

Following an operation the plaster cast left an itchy area which was swollen. The Kawa Gel removed the swelling in a couple of days & the itching right away.

Frazer – Beachlands, Auckland

Kawa Gel worked very well for chaffed skin – Excellent – Thank you.




I am still in awe of what it (Kawa Gel) can do. Thank you, it has been over 12mths of hell until now, thank you, thank you.

It was instant relief, even my doctor could not believe it! 2010

Rachel Smedley  – Whangarei



I purchased a pot of Kawa gel as I have a patch of psoriasis on the back of my head. Have been using for several weeks and it has just about disappeared. Bloody marvelous!

Christine Stone – Owera



“Your kawa Gel is Divine’

You’re right – we use it for everything and just love it!  Thanks so much for the ‘first aid in a pot’ gift.

Alta Vos – business mentor, Waiuku

Found the Kawa gel excellent for the lips to clear it, they no longer felt dry. I now use it regularly, all natural ingredients, no parabens. Really doesn’t do justice until tried, Highly recommended to all. A+++

We just love the way it heals & soothes – Great for general First Aid – I now have children & Grandchildren using it.

Wendy Wright

Kawa Gel. Better than any commercial product, any scratch, bite, sunburn, sore lips etc. heals  beautifully.

Dawn Oleary – Thames

I fly float planes from the Rotorua lakefront and spend a lot of time around the jetty and exposed to the elements (rain, wind, sun etc)  I swear by Kawa Gel for my lips as a lip balm and it lasts for months using it everyday.

I’ve used a number of lip balms from cheap to very expensive and I’ve found this by far the best, as a product and for value.  It gives a nice gloss without the greasy feeling.  I also use my kawa gel for insect bites and scratches and it soothes and stops itching and aids healing. I’d highly recommend it as a multi purpose lip balm and healer.

Penny Armstrong – Rotorua

Without question these are some of the best natural products I and my girls have ever used. On our recent trip away my daughter got sunburned and she used the skin soother. Overnight her sunburn was relieved and she was able to continue to enjoy the sunshine.

We use the kawa gel (first aid in a pot!) all the time with great results, and the wart remover got rid of a wart that my daughter had for years that had been repeatedly and painfully burnt off but with no lasting effect!! I cannot speak highly enough about this product – we love it!!

Cynthia – Bay of Plenty, NZ. 

Kawa Cream

Burns and Sun Burn


I tried your Kawa Cream sample on a nasty burn, wonderful result! My skin healed without blistering, new skin growing below the burnt area before the old burnt skin pealed off. No scar and beautiful new skin!!! So impressed that I bought some Kawa cream to send to my son in Switzerland. Everyone should have a pot in their first aid box!!!!!

Dorothy Harris, Te Aroha.


I used Kawa Cream on my partners boil, applied under a sticking plaster it draws the boil. Also I used it on a burn from the oven, I rubbed it on over two days, it healed with no scaring.

Great for a sun screen, also reduced soreness and redness from over exposure.
It soothes the area that is inflamed.

Pura, Te Kuiti


I used Kawa Cream for shingles after two days of use they started to disappear, and the best sleep I’ve had in weeks! Thank you so much.

James Scott

I am still in awe of what it (Kawa Gel) can do. Thank you, it has been over 12mths of hell until now, thank you, thank you.

It was instant relief, even my doctor could not believe it! 2010

Rachel Smedley  – Whangarei


I was getting sun burnt and had no sun block on me, so I used the Kawa Cream, I was amazed  it worked. No soreness or redness on the skin it was applied to. Fantastic!


Saved my skin, literally!!! After an afternoon in the sun, I got fiercely sun-burnt, the half of my face that was burnt swelled up to twice its size. Unsure what to put on, I used Kawa Cream three times a day for over a week and it literally saved my skin.

No peeling, burning gone and tight feeling gone. Happy lady.
I recommend kawa Cream for severe sunburn. Thanks Kawa Cream.

Aileen – Rotorua

Brilliant for sunburn, cracked skin it even cured a fungus infection in my poodles ear!!!!!

Jo Barnett – Taupo

Sun Blemish

Recently, I came across your Kawa Cream via a friend who bought it at Waitangi.

one application had a really beneficial effect on a sun blemish I was having problems with.

Lynda, Auckland


I have some of your Kawakawa Cream and some Wart Cream. Brilliant products!!!

Rex Perenara

Kawa Relief

Shoulder and Neck Pain


I’ve recently had reason to use the Kawa Relief on old sailing (shoulder) and horse riding (cervical spine) injuries which still get quite painful if stressed. I have been lugging groceries 2.5km and both injuries severely objected! Kawa Relief, deep tissue massage and gentle manipulation sorted out the neck quickly. I didn’t do anything for the shoulder until I could barely move my arm for pain. Kawa Relief was brilliant!! I soon found my shoulder less painful. Applied twice daily over the last 2 days, I now have full range of movement and only slight pain! Thank you for making such an effective natural product. I’m loving Nature’s Remedies more the longer I use them! Thanks again!

Diane Goldstone

Muscle and Joint Pain

I Have used Kawa Relief for muscle and joint pain for the past year. Absolutely 100% satisfied with instant results. Don’t require a lot on each application, so still using first jar – very economical.

Smiley Face


I find the Pain Relief Cream works very well for my osteoarthritis. Thank you so much.

G. L  Rotorua

Foot Problems

Kawa Relief worked very well for back and foot pain (plantia fasitis) Well worth using.

Karen Donaldson 

Sprained shoulder for over 5mths. Tried the medical system, nothing worked. After only one day of using Kawa Relief, the pain had gone. After one week all was healed.

Len Adams – Thames


My biggest challenge has been continuing to train in the martial arts, after a car accident in 1993 left me partially paralysed due to spinal fractures. I have tried virtually every product available, in my quest to find something that works well enough, to alleviate what I would call ‘constant, serious & debilitating pain’. I have found your pain relief cream to be of great assistance in relieving the ache and discomfort of my current injuries – as well as my permanent back pain! Not only that, but its pleasant smell means that I can use it when I am participating in my close contact sport. One of my training partners used the cream for a shoulder injury, and he also found that your product worked better that the commercial product he had been using.
I am happy to recommend your product, as it has certainly assisted me.

Dawn Foster, Hamilton

Kawa Relief, Great for pain.

Paddy, Coromandel

Kawa Magic

Firstly wanted to tell you how successful the wart cream was on Bella’s hands.She is 10 years old, and small warts had taken over a large area on both of her hands, after 6 to 8 weeks of use, they have completely gone! thank you! CAN WE ORDER ANOTHER POT FOR HER PLEASE! We are thinking she should stay on top of it for another month or two. Thanks.

Sarah, Okere Falls, Rotorua

To start with I did not think for a minute it would work. I had a wart for 15 years, tried everything. I started using Kawa Magic for a week, and it disappeared completely. I would highly recommend this product even for non believers – thanks.

David West Auckland

At Gini’s recommendation we purchased kawa magic. After 6 months of traditional attempts to remove a wart on the back of Emilys’ leg. We applied this cream at the full moon and it went away and it took only about one week and the wart disintegrated.

Linda and Emily Dalton

Absolutely wonderful, really works.  2010

Gayle Robinson – Auckland

My daughter had a wart on her big toe, after using Kawa magic wart cream up to 4-5 times daily, the wart core came out after three weeks. Magic is the word.

Rongoa Maori

Kawa Pure

Absolutely can recommend the Kawa Pure to anyone with bubbas with a bit of nappy rash, I swear by this product – when my daughter has had the odd bit of nappy rash, it has cleared it within one/two applications! I love this product so much I apply it to her after every bath because I know it’s so natural and healing! Thanks for an awesome product!

Anja – Waikato, NZ. 


Kawa Angel

Hi Marie, i used the Kawa Angel just like you told me to, and it worked just like you said it would! Yesterday i could not breathe through my nose and my head was sore and all stuffy. Today i feel brand new, amazing!

Luke – South Australia

NZ Rescue Essence & Kawa Essence

I purchased both the Emotional cleanser (Kawa Essence) and the Rescue Essence from you in Thames whilst having some much needed ‘time out’ there. The Kawa Essence was exceptional – I found that through conscious and sub conscious thought, my healing was enhanced and advanced using this product. Safe and gentle and so very effective, often dreams were the vehicle for clarity and clearing.

The Rescue Essence is aptly named also. I have used this product with wonderful results and have also given it to friends and family for almost instant calming and healing.

I have used Bach flower remedies for years, but have found that the Earth Energies NZ Rescue Essence product is superior on many levels. I think it must be about keeping it native to us here in Aotearoa.

Thank you so very much – I have recommended your products to all! I am looking forward to the 2009 essence – it sounds perfect for my current life situation. You seem to pop up with your wonderful product in such a timely way. Warm regards + thanks again!

Jenni Bancroft – Auckland



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