The winter months can be a perfect time to put some self-care rituals in place

There’s no denying that winter has well and truly wrapped its icy tentacles around us. It’s the time of year when we feel the urge to hibernate inside, eat comforting foods and snuggle up with a good book or movie.

We may also be experiencing some of the other challenges that arise when the mercury drops – such as a sniffling or blocked nose, drier skin, or chapped lips and sensitive windburned faces. And while there isn’t a lot we can do to change the harsh winter conditions surrounding us, we can take care of our bodies with some natural and effective Earth Energies creams and balms. Yes, the winter months can be a perfect time to put some self-care rituals in place.

One of my personal favourite winter rites is to pay extra attention to nourishing my skin. I find that the combination of less humidity, cold wind, wearing long-sleeved tops and trousers every day as well as the decrease in my daily water intake (try as I may – I struggle to drink enough water in the winter) can really take a toll on the condition of my skin.

In addition to taking extra Omega 3 fatty acids (and keeping my water bottle handy at all times), I regularly give my body a good lathering of moisturisers and functional creams to help combat the crocodile effect!

Earth Energies Kawa Cream

is a gentle blend of oils and herbs that can assist with your skin’s hydration. Using some of the best nutrient’s nature has to offer us, including Kawakawa infused grapeseed oil, and essential oils of lavender, manuka and kanuka, Kawa Cream is soothing and nourishing, while also supporting the body’s natural immune responses – always a bonus during the cooler months. I use it liberally on forearms and hands, face, lower legs and feet – to get into all the little creasy bits – and it’s great for cracked heels and elbows.

Kawakawa Gel photographed with the lid open and placed alongside the product container

Earth Energies Kawa Gel

When we boast that our Earth Energies Kawa Gel is a one stop first aid in a pot – we’re not exaggerating. The perfectly balanced blend of Kawakawa infused grapeseed oil (rich in antioxidants), our own beeswax (protective and regenerative), and essential oils used to create Kawa Gel, gently assist a wide range of skin problems. The essential oils of manuka, kanuka, lavender and lemon verbena impart natural antimicrobial, healing, soothing and calming qualities for skin and lips that are chaffed, dry or wind irritated, as well as for eczema, hives and more. Kawa Gel is a must for every first aid kit!

Kawakawa Angel product on a central display with flowers surrounding it

Earth Energies Kawa Angel

is a gentle, effective balm designed to promote a healthy upper respiratory tract – that means tackling blocked noses and congestion. Using essential oils of manuka, kanuka, lemon, cedarwood, eucalyptus, lavender and rosemary in a base of Kawakawa infused grapeseed oil and our beeswax, this combination works to support clear airways, annoying coughs, excess mucus, a clear head and a sense of calm. Use Kawa Angel at least three times throughout the day and night by simply rubbing a small amount on the chest and throat, placing a dab at each nostril entrance or add some to a tissue or handkerchief to inhale as needed. A small amount can be rubbed on the temples to assist with headaches, but take care to keep it well back from eyes.

Whatever your body asks for this winter, make sure you check out our Earth Energies Botanicals range to nurture you – body, mind and soul.

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