We know that allergies cause a stuffy or dripping nose, and itchy, watery eyes; this familiar “hay fever” picture is an unwelcome prompt for many people that spring has arrived and it is time to reach for the antihistamines – either natural or pharmaceutical – and the tissue box!

The cause of the irritation wreaking havoc on a person’s mucous membranes can also be responsible for another unpleasant side effect of seasonal allergies – body aches. While less common and perhaps overlooked as being part of the allergy picture, general soreness, stiffness and muscle pain can be the result of systemic inflammation caused by an allergic reaction.

Ways to support and protect your body from seasonal allergies

Taking a good dose of a vitamin C supplement, that contains bioflavonoids. These nutrients inhibit and reduce the release of the chemicals (including histamine) that cause the allergy symptoms. Studies show up to 38% reduction in histamine release after a 2000mg dose of Vitamin C.

Another gem is nettle tea – good ol dried stinging nettle. A couple of cups daily helps reduce symptoms of allergic reactions with one study showing improvement of allergic rhinitis symptoms (yes, the runny nose) after just one week.

A sore, aching body that is suffering under the strain of allergies can benefit from a soothing magnesium bath. Adding some magnesium salts to your bath helps relax aching muscles, eliminates toxins, and can alleviate swelling, stiffness and pain. Be sure to not stay in longer than 15-20 minutes. If you are wanting a long soak – perhaps with some lavender oil included, then add the magnesium salts towards the end of your bath

Earth Energies Kawa Relief – For Aching Muscles & Joints

To promote comfort and relief from these physical symptoms we have combined an effective blend of warming and soothing essential oils including clove, black pepper and peppermint with some tea-tree oil and our secret ingredient, Pukatea – a native NZ tree whose bark has analgesic (pain-relieving) properties. These ingredients are then carefully blended with our organic kawakawa infused grapeseed oil.

Our Kawa Relief can be used up to three times daily to assist with pain and discomfort. Massage gently into the affected areas. You can apply a heated wheat bag or hot water bottle to further assist absorption and increase the benefits.

Kawakawa Angel product on a central display with flowers surrounding it

Food as medicine – always remember that fresh whole-foods are one of the most potent weapons in our “keeping-healthy” arsenal. We have some delicious anti-inflammatory juice recipes on our website – you can try them by following this link:

Kawa Relief | Simple tips to reduce inflammation in the body

Enjoy, and be sure to not let allergies take the spring out of your step!

We look forward to your feedback and please don’t hesitate to ask us any questions you may have. Our Naturopath is always just an email away.


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