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We all need a little magic occasionally…

Earth Energies Kawa Magic is designed to support the body’s natural response to some common fungal-related skin problems.

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Kawa Magic | What are fungal infections and where do they come from?

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What gives Kawa Magic its unique properties?

To complement the beneficial healing qualities of Kawakawa, we have added the herbs Golden Seal Thuja and Greater Celandine, and the essential oils of Manuka and Kanuka. This powerful combination offers protection, healing and restores balance to areas affected by fungal problems.




Best uses for Kawa Magic
Fungal problems including:

- Athletes Foot
- Ringworm
- Warts and verruca's
- Jock itch and other chaffing problems
- corns





How often can I use Kawa Magic?

Use up to three times throughout the day until the affected areas settle, then use as needed for protection.

More about the herbs in Kawa Magic

Golden Seal is a popular herb used to treat all kinds of skin infections. It contains an active component called berberine, which is the magic ingredient for helping fungal problems.

Thuja and Greater celandine are both herbs with powerful antiviral and antifungal properties used by herbalists for treating a broad range of skin complaints.


Organic Kawakawa, Grapeseed Oil, Ecocert Olive Oil Emulsifier, Tea Tree – Manuka & Kanuka Oils, Golden Seal, Thuja, Greater Celendine, Spring Water, Ecocert Geogard & Vibrational Essences.

1 review for Kawa Magic : Skin Support

  1. Anita Gibb

    My daughter had a wart and after using this for a few days the wart has gone. Great product.

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