Insect Repellent : Natural Spray

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Insect Repellent 50ml

Our Insect Repellent is all natural, with Almond Oil, Spring Water, 5% Alcohol & Blended Essential Oils.

  • Bites & Stings
  • Sand flies
  • Mosquitoes
  • In the bush, at the beach
  • All Natural



Organic Kawakawa, Sweet Almond Oil, Essential Oils of Tea Tree – Manuka & Kanuka, Lavender, Eucalyptus, Lemon Grass, Citronella, Rose Geranium, Alcohol 5%, Aqua 5% & Vibrational Essences. 

2 reviews for Insect Repellent : Natural Spray

  1. Alex

    For me, when it comes to insect repellant, i found that i would rather put up with the mozzies and flys than use Bushman or Aerogard etc. due to the horrible smell and the toxic feel of it on the skin.
    When i tried this product i was amazed. Not only does it actually work effectively, it smells nice and feels light, non greasy and even refreshing on the skin.
    This stuff is incredible.
    Thanks Marie

  2. Elissa (verified owner)

    I have used this product regularly for the past 3 years or so (about to buy more), it is amazing. Deters mozzie, marchfly, midgie and horsefly bites for me. Easy to use, pleasant smell, and not overly oily on the skin. Could not recommend it enough.

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