Massage for Babies

What do you instinctively do when your precious baby is upset? You pick them up and hold them close. Maybe rubbing their back or stroking their head. We naturally use touch as a way of nurturing and reassuring those we are close to. And touch, being one of our five innate senses, is a perfect medium for bonding and building trust with a new born.


Baby massage is a beautiful way for family members to connect with a new baby, particularly if there has been a traumatic birth, time spent in intensive care, a baby is adopted, and for Dads and siblings

Some of the physiological changes that occur during a massage include the release of our feel-good hormones and the decrease of our stress ones, as well as an immunity boost due to the stimulation of blood flow. Gentle massage can also assist digestion and bring some relief from, gas and constipation.

Of particular importance for babies are the benefits of increased motor development and coordination, as well as improvement in body awareness and skin to brain connections. This means that through touch we initiate hormonal signals that are carried via the skin to learning and emotional centres within the brain, where they initiate positive behavioral changes.

Using Earth Energies Kawa Pure as a gentle and soothing massage gel for your baby will impart beneficial qualities for baby’s skin, as well as bringing about a sense of calm and peace. Combining Kawakawa, apricot kernel oil, rosehip oil, chamomile essential oil, beeswax and a healing vibrational essence, Kawa Pure is light and nourishing.

How to massage a baby

Choose a time for massages when baby is not hungry or upset. Maybe after a bath, or before going down for a sleep. It can be morning, or evening, whatever suits you and baby on any given day. You can have some calming music playing, or you could sing or hum.

  1. Warm up a small amount of Kawa Pure between your palms
  2. Start with the baby’s feet then legs and softly rub the gel into their skin
  3. Gently squeeze the calves and thighs as you progress up their legs
  4. Next place both hands flat on your baby’s chest and stomach and stroke outwards in small circles with your fingertips while keeping your hands flat. You can slip your hands behind their back very gently too and continue with slow, circular movements
  5. Gradually move on their arms and hands, and then finish with a light stroking over their head

As long as baby is enjoying the touch, keep going as long as you feel is a good time span

Sensitivity Test: Kawa Pure is specifically designed for sensitive skins, however we advise that you apply small amount of Kawa Pure to the inside of baby’s wrist or elbow before you use it for the first time. Wait for 15 min. Do not use if you see any obvious discomfort or exacerbated redness.


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