Kawa Pure – For Mother and Baby

Earth Energies Kawa Pure healing ointment has been carefully crafted to benefit to both mother and baby at those times when extra care of ourselves and our new-born is paramount.

Like a magic pot for all maternity-related skin complaints, Kawa Pure is gentle enough to use on a mothers most sensitive areas, and on baby’s precious skin.

What can Kawa Pure be used for?


Soothing for pre and postnatal skin repair

Stretch marks

Cracked nipples

Healing the perineum

Hormomal skin conditions

Dry skin patches

Heels and elbows

Lip balm


Nappy rash

Dribble rash

Cradle cap


Itchiness (insect bites, hives, chicken pox)

Babies skin irritations

Minor cuts and abrasions

What is in Kawa Pure?

Organic Kawakawa plant, organic apricot kernel and rosehip oils, natural bees wax, Chamomile essential oil and vibrational Essences.

Earth Energies have combined Kawakawa, apricot kernel oil, rosehip oil, chamomile essential oil, beeswax and a healing vibrational essence to help soothe, heal and protect sensitive skins. Kawakawa has powerful properties that help keep bugs at bay, and also helps relieve irritation and congestion in the skin tissue – a common feature of nappy rash.

The blend of apricot kernel oil and rosehip oils provides vitamin A to help with skin regeneration as well as oils and fatty acids to nourish and soothe. Beeswax is also a natural protective substance, and provides regenerative and softening qualities, while the essential oil of chamomile is a promoter of skin cell regeneration.

How often can I use Kawa Pure?


Use Kawa Pure at least three times daily on the affected areas, or more as needed for cases of nappy rash and chapped lips.

Sensitivity Test: Because we are recommending this product for sensitive skins, we advise that you apply small amount of Kawa Pure to the inside of the wrist or elbow. Wait for 30min. Do not use if you experience any tingling, discomfort or exacerbated redness


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