Kawa Magic – For Treatment of Fungal Infections

Fungal infections on the skin (also called mycosis) are pretty common the world over, and most are annoying minor, rather than serious, health issues.

That said, there are parts of the body that attract fungal overgrowth leading to extremely uncomfortable itching urges, and anyone who has experienced a toe or fingernail fungal problem, will understand how exasperating they can be to get rid of.  

So, what are fungal infections and
where do they come from?

Fungi are common in the environment, living in dirt, plants, our skin, household surfaces, and most of us may breathe them in or come in contact with them daily and experience no adverse effects. Similar to numerous other types of microorganisms, there are beneficial fungi that reside naturally on and within our body and then there are potentially harmful fungi.

If a person has a weakened immune system these harmful fungi can act opportunistically and get control of an area of the body by overwhelming its defence mechanisms, causing an infection. When the skin is infected, this may show up as a rash, bumps, blisters, scaley skin, itching, redness and irritation. When our toe or fingernails are affected, there may be a yellowing, whitening and thickening of the nail, and in some cases the nail may actually separate from the nail bed. Ouch!

What weakens an immune system?

Some people are born with a weakened immune system. Others may have an illness that attacks the immune system, or have a low-quality nutritional intake which leaves the body vulnerable.  Some medicines, including corticosteroids or cancer chemotherapy, can also lower the body’s ability to fight infections.

Fungal skin infections can happen anywhere on your body. Some of the most commonly seen examples are athlete’s foot, jock itch, ringworm (yes, it is caused by fungus, not an actual worm), and yeast infections.

Earth Energies Kawa Magic is designed to help your body naturally manage pesky fungal infections.

Whether you are dealing with athletes’ foot – sore, split and peeling skin around your toes and feet, or an itchy, red rash in your groin or other body folds, or experiencing the unsightly inconvenience of a nail fungal infection, Kawa Magic is the potion you need to offer protection, healing and to restore balance to areas affected by fungal problems.

How often can I use Kawa Magic?

Use up to three times throughout the day until the affected areas settle, then use as needed for protection.

More about the active ingredients in Kawa Magic

Golden Seal is a popular herb used to treat all kinds of skin infections. It contains an active component called berberine, which is the magic ingredient for helping fungal problems.

Thuja and Greater celandine are both herbs with powerful antiviral and antifungal properties used by herbalists for treating a broad range of skin complaints. Manuka and Kanuka essential oils are from well-known native plants that provide potent antifungal, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties.


Organic Kawakawa, Grapeseed Oil, Ecocert Olive Oil Emulsifier, Tea Tree – Manuka & Kanuka Oils, Golden Seal, Thuja, Greater Celendine, Spring Water, Ecocert Geogard & Vibrational Essences


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