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Essential oils have become part of our daily lives – oil burners, aromatherapy massages, scented baths, natural perfumes and steam inhalations – all utilise the aromatic and therapeutic properties of these powerful plant medicines. Most households will have a bottle of lavender or tea tree (manuka) oil tucked away in their medicine cabinet, and skincare and antiaging products often include essential oils to enhance their beauty imparting benefits.

Essential oils are generally extracted using steam distillation from the leaves, flowers, roots and bark of different plants.  Within the plants, the function of essential oils is to provide protection against disease and insect damage, while also making the plants more attractive to pollinators.

The history of essential oils is as rich as their diverse range of uses. Used in ancient Egypt and India where medicine looked to heal body and mind, natural scents have provided a connection between humanity and spiritual practices for thousands of years. Usage is documented from ancient Egypt and India, Greece and Rome, the Middle East, China and Europe.

Today we know that essential oils are complex materials comprised of hundreds of components with diverse health benefits ranging from antimicrobial, antiviral, antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and psychogenic effects such as relieving stress, supporting mild depression, and improving insomnia.

Earth Energies Kawa Angel combines a carefully selected blend of essential oils designed to promote a healthy upper respiratory tract, in a base of Kawakawa infused grapeseed oil and our very own beeswax. We have added manuka, kanuka, lemon, cedarwood, eucalyptus, lavender and rosemary oils to work together to support clear upper respiratory airways, coughs, mucus production, healthy circulation, a clear head and a sense of calm

Tea tree – Studies and research studies have shown that Manuka and Kanuka essential oils have powerful properties to support and protect respiratory health including sinus problems and coughs.

Lemon – A versatile oil, Lemon is great for cold symptoms, the immune system and as an expectorant by helping with mucus in the respiratory tract.

Cedarwood – Effective for calming coughing spasms and promoting ease of breathing.

Eucalyptus – Used to assist congestion in the airways and ease of breathing. A popular oil for chest rubs and immune system support.

Lavender – Relaxes the airways and increases blood flow, eases symptoms, supports respiratory health and strengthens the immune system.

Rosemary – An Ayurvedic oil that is used for treating respiratory disorders. Supports healthy airway functions, works as an expectorant relieving congestion, it supports the immune system and improves blood circulation.

Use Kawa Angel at least three times throughout the day and night. Can be rubbed on the chest and throat or placed on nostril entrance to clear airways, or added to a tissue or handkerchief. A small amount can be rubbed on the temples to assist with headaches (care to keep well back from eyes).


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