Its not funny when your nose is runny!

What’s the go with developing a random runny nose when the weathers cold? Why is it that we can spend a few hours outdoors and come home with a head full of snot, sneezing, sniffling, and generally feeling congested and irritated? Could it be the onset of a particularly aggressive cold or flu, or has our immune system gone completely awry and succumbed to some mysterious allergy?

Well, unless your eyes are watering, or you’ve had a scratchy throat, some body aches and a temperature recently, the chances are high that it is just your body’s natural response to cold, dry air entering your nasal passages. Phew! No need to jump into bed with a cup of chicken soup, or reach for the ibuprofen!

So, what is actually going on?

It turns out that when we breathe in through our nose, our nasal passages are designed in such a way that they warm and moisten the air so that it doesn’t aggravate the delicate cells in our lungs. You can feel this at the end of your nostrils as you breath in and out – the exhaled air is warm.

But when the air that we are breathing in is cold and dry – as on a crisp winter morning, it irritates our nasal lining causing it to defensively produce excess mucus to moisten and protect the whole area. This, in turn, results in a runny nose and congestion.  The technical term is rhinorrhea. One trick to help minimise this happening to you is to wear a warm scarf that covers your nose when you venture outside.

People who have allergies such as allergic rhinitis – where there is actual inflammation (as opposed to temporary irritation) of the nasal tissues, or those with asthma, are more susceptible to cold weather related flareups.

How can we help a blocked and dripping nose?

Regardless of whether your symptoms are related to the cold air, or an impending cold or virus – grab some Earth Energies Kawa Angel. Earth Energies Kawa Angel is a gentle, effective balm designed to promote a healthy and clear upper respiratory tract – that means tackling those blocked noses and congestion.

Using essential oils of manuka, kanuka, lemon, cedarwood, eucalyptus, lavender and rosemary in a base of Kawakawa infused grapeseed oil and beeswax, Kawa Angel works to support clear airways, settle annoying coughs, help remove excess mucus, clear your head and promote a sense of calm.

Use Kawa Angel at least three times throughout the day and night by simply rubbing a small amount on the chest and throat, placing a dab at each nostril entrance or add some to a tissue or handkerchief to inhale as needed. A small amount can be rubbed on your temples to assist with headaches, but take care to keep it well back from your eyes.

Kawakawa Angel product on a central display with flowers surrounding it

If you feel your immune system could use a boost check out our 5 Tips to keep your immune system on high alert Sends Sniffles Packing With Kawa Angel and our  delicious Goodbye Mucus Juice recipe that we recommend to help calm the whole situation down Goodbye Mucus! – Juice Recipe


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