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Stop that Itch! Our Kawakawa based number 1 best seller useful for so many skin ailments its well known as the "First Aid in the Pot"

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Kawakawa at home – Bruises

Using Natures Pharmacy  Because of the anti-inflammatory properties in Kawakawa leaves, they are ideal to apply straight onto a bruise. Just steep the fresh leaves in boiling water and apply carefully to the sore area. This can be done a couple of times daily for...

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Our best treatments for eczema

Eczema is a surprisingly common inflammatory skin disorder that really can have significant effects on a person’s quality of life. While it can be attributed to genetic factors to some degree (people with inherited sensitive skin seem to be more prone), eczema may...

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Fresh Kawakawa leaf tea

 “Natures Best in a Cup" Kawakawa shrubs grow abundantly around New Zealand. This health-giving gift from nature is ideal to use as a refreshing tonic tea on a daily basis, or as a treat.   The benefits from drinking fresh kawakawa tea include: Helping digestive...

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Skin soothing summer smoothie

Try this delicious, creamy smoothie that provides calming, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant nutrients from apple, carrot, fennel and cucumber to assist with the discomfort of eczema. Avocado provides vitamin E, and borage or evening primrose oil contains important...

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Earth Energies

Earth Energies specialise in a unique range of Kawakawa and Mamaku based creams and ointments, flower essences, and Himalayan Crystal Salt with Kawakawa, offering an extensive buy now range, for retail and wholesale.

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