“Natures Best in a Cup”

Kawakawa shrubs grow abundantly around New Zealand. This health-giving gift from nature is ideal to use as a refreshing tonic tea on a daily basis, or as a treat.


The benefits from drinking fresh kawakawa tea include:
Helping digestive problems, assisting urinary tract health, anti-inflammatory properties, cleansing the blood and detoxification.


Try this recipe at home as a daily ritual, or as a treat for some guests:


6-8 kawakawa leaves

2-3 cups of water

Add these to a pot and once its boiling, turn down and simmer for around 20 minutes.

Keep the pot lid on throughout this process.


Some variations:

Add a herbal tea bag of your choice to the pot: chamomile, jasmin, red bush, ginger or fresh ginger slices, peppermint or fresh mint leaves, chai, lemon or fresh lemon juice or slice, and you can add a spoon of honey for some sweetness.

The possibilities are endless. Be daring. Strain and serve. Enjoy!

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