Creams and Ointments

Kawa Gel – Stop that Itch! Our Kawakawa based number 1 best seller useful for so many skin ailments its well known as the “First Aid in the Pot

Creams and Ointments

Most Popular

  • Kawakawa Gel photographed with the lid open and placed alongside the product container

    Kawa Gel : First Aid in a Pot

  • Kawakawa cream photographed with lid open and some of the cream smeared on a central platform

    Kawa Cream : Skin Soother

  • Kawakawa Pure lid placed next to the product pot

    Kawa Pure : Sensitive Skin / Nappy Rash

  • Kawakawa Magic product container open with an overview shot of the cream inside of the container

    Kawa Magic : Skin Support

  • Kawakawa Relief product photographed with its natural ingredients next to it

    Kawa Relief : Joints & Muscles

  • Kawakawa Balm product photographed with natural ingredients surrounding it

    Kawa Balm : Deep Ease

  • Kawakawa Angel product on a central display with flowers surrounding it

    Kawa Angel : Respiratory Relief

  • Sale! Three kawakawa products photographed together for the adventure special bundle

    Outdoor Adventures Special

  • Sale! Kawakawa Seniors Ease Bundle products photographed together

    Seniors Ease

  • Sale! Four kawakawa products photographed together on a raised central platform and leaves surrounding it

    Summer Fun

  • Sale! Kawakawa pure, rescue essene and cream photographed together

    Mother’s Helper

  • Sale! winter warmer kawakawa bundle

    Winter Warmer

  • Sale! Kawakawa Gardeners Friend Bundle products photographed together

    Gardeners Friend

  • Sale! Kawakawa Must Have Camping Combo products including inspect repellent and kawa gel

    Must Have Camping Combo

  • Sale! Kawakawa Outdoor Adventure Mums Bundle products photographed together

    Outdoor Adventure Mums

  • Sale! Kawakawa sports prep and recovery bundle products on display

    Sports Prep & Recovery


Earth Energies

Earth Energies specialise in a unique range of Kawakawa and Mamaku based creams and ointments, flower essences, and Himalayan Crystal Salt with Kawakawa, offering an extensive buy now range, for retail and wholesale.

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