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Pepper Tree Macropiper excelsum

The Kawakawa is a small tree that grows throughout New Zealand. It is usually found on the edge of the bush, in partial shade. It grows up to six meters high and is a densely branched, aromatic tree with large, heart shaped, emerald green, fleshy leaves. The leaves are often eaten by the native looper moth.

The Kawakawa tree is significant and sacred to Maori. It is significant for its many and varied traditional herbal curing properties and is sacred for its use from conception, then through one’s life, through to one passing on into the spiritual realm.

Through its many healing properties the Kawakawa is known as ‘the pharmacy of the forest’.

Kawakawa uses, both traditional and modern:


  • acts as a mild insect repellent
  • insect bites, sand-flies, mosquitoes & bug bites
  • eczema, skin rashes and skin infections & eruptions
  • poor circulation, varicose veins, chilblains & Raynauds
  • bruises, swellings, boils, ringworm,
    scalds and sun burn
  • cuts, sores, abscesses, wounds, abrasions
  • aches & pains, rheumatism, neuralgia, arthritis


  • a tonic to stay healthy
  • a blood purifier
  • memory
  • chest complaints, coughs, colds, bronchitis
  • kidney and bladder complaints
  • digestive system, worm infestation
  • stomach ache, bloating
  • toothache


  • No precautions or contraindications noted

Earth Energies have developed a unique range of herbal products in which kawakawa is a predominant herb.

Earth Energies

Earth Energies specialise in a unique range of Kawakawa and Mamaku based creams and ointments, flower essences, and Himalayan Crystal Salt with Kawakawa, offering an extensive buy now range, for retail and wholesale

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